Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Sandy Crocker and Dr. Peter Mitchell in Kelowna offer emergency dentistry solutions in-house. 


Emergency Dentistry 


When a dental emergency occurs, it’s essential that you receive medical attention immediately. We understand that emergencies happen and that getting the proper care quickly and efficiently is essential.


After you’ve received medical attention, we recommend emergency patients to contact us for a comprehensive patient exam in order for us to assess the issue.


Common Dental Emergencies 


Dr. Sandy Crocker, Dr. Peter Mitchell and Associates have experienced a number of dental emergencies. Common emergencies include:


  • Knocked-out Teeth
  • Displaced Teeth
  • Broken, Chipped or Cracked Teeth
  • Tissue Injuries
  • Dental Abscess or Infection
  • Damaged dental work

dentistry dental office emergency clinic teeth tooth infection chipped broken accident dr sandy dr peter mitchell & associates kelowna
dentistry dental office emergency clinic teeth chipped broken tooth accident dr sandy dr peter mitchell & associates kelowna

Dental Solutions at our Kelowna Dental Office

Our team at Dr. Sandy, Dr. Peter Mitchel and Associates will ask you a number of questions to help determine the severity of the issue and to find the best treatment for your situation.


Once we’ve assessed your situation, our CDAs will take diagnostic tests, including an x-ray of the area. Although we cannot guarantee same day, full treatment, we will ensure you are comfortable and no longer in pain. Some situations will require a longer procedure or a number of follow up appointments to fully treat the problem. Our team will aim to relieve the immediate pain or concern to achieve comfort until we can give you the time required for proper care.


For more information, book a consultation with Dr. Sandy Crocker, Dr. Peter Mitchell and Associates. We can discuss and recommend the best solution for you. We will look at which areas you are seeking to improve and provide you with a more accurate estimate during your visit.

Call 250.860.7747 to book your emergency dentistry consultation in Kelowna.