Dental Surgery & IV Sedation




There are many reasons why you may require oral surgery but with the help of modern dentistry and medicine, this process is less invasive than ever. With the help of IV sedation, dental surgery is a simple and straight forward process that is less taxing on the patient. Some of the most common reasons our patients undergo oral surgery include:

  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Multiple teeth being extracted at the same time
  • Pre-requisite teeth removal procedure for dental implant therapy
  • Relaxing for high-anxiety clients
  • Jaw surgery
  • To complete multiple dental procedures at one time



Feel Secure with the #1 Provider of IV Sedation

Dr. Sandy Crocker is one of the most experienced dental surgeons in the region. He has undergone full hospital training and is the #1 provider of IV Sedation in Kelowna. Becoming sedated with an IV does not have to be a stressful experience. You can feel secure knowing that you are working with a caring and professional team when you book your dental surgery with Dr. Sandy Crocker.

Dr.Sandy Crocker also provides Sedation Clinics in Penticton and Salmon Arm!

Dentist Kelowna | Dr. Sandy Crocker, Dr. Peter Mitchell |
Dentist Kelowna | Dr. Sandy Crocker, Dr. Peter Mitchell | modern dental surgery, face of a female doctor working on a patient

Dr. Sandy Crocker and Dr. Peter Mitchell want to make your trip to the dentist as stress-free as possible. Don’t let the fear of extractions or complicated dental procedures keep you from maintaining optimal dental health. In office sedation makes every procedure a comfortable and calm experience.

If you are experiencing pain in your mouth or you suspect you need a tooth removed, contact our team right away to book your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon in our Kelowna office!

Call 250.860.7747 to discuss your dental surgery options in Kelowna!