Botox Cosmetics


Dr. Sandy Crocker, Dr. Peter Mitchell & Associates in Kelowna proudly offers Botox cosmetic solutions in house.

Botox Solutions Provided by Specialists

No one knows your facial anatomy better than a dentist! Rest assured that as jaw, face, head and neck specialists, we can safely and effectively deliver your serenity solutions with carefully placed injections.


Crow’s feet or Canthal lines, Glabellar lines between the eyelids on the forehead are among the most commonly injected sites. However, Botox is used for a variety of other applications including: hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating, severe shoulder and neck spasms and even blepharospasm or eyelid spasms among many other uses. Clients seeking a calmer and less line engraved face often report they look and feel ten years younger after undergoing Botox.


The dose and placement of the Botox is vital to ensure smooth appearance and some muscle freedom for a natural look. It is important to only undergo this treatment from an experienced and licensed professional such as our team at Dr. Sandy Crocker, Dr. Peter Mitchell & Associates.

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Botox Treatments at our Kelowna Dental Office

It’s important to be aware of psychological dependence. Many clients crave an easy fix that will transform their issues and low self esteem. We recommend determining your budget and the number of injections to avoid psychological dependence issues.  


Book a consultation with us today to discuss recommended treatment and answer any of your questions or concerns. We will look at which areas you are seeking to improve and provide you with a more accurate estimate during your visit.

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